Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dodger Bloggers Strangely Unlike Blogger Stereotype

Free Dodger Dogs. Free. Dodger. Dogs. No, not as in "Free James Loney." As in eat all you want, we'll make more. And that wasn't even the best part of last night. The best part was meeting and interacting with some of our fellow Dodger bloggers (apologies if I've missed anyone):

Not a basement-dweller in the bunch. Quite the opposite, in fact: We were a friendly, diverse group of knowledgeable fans passionate about the Dodgers. Which, frankly, is sometimes hard to find...even at Dodger Stadium (Field level seats, I'm looking at you).

Frank McCourt paid us a passing compliment when he noted how all conversation would cease every time the crowd reacted. Dodger hit? Hoots and hollers. Padres run? Moans and groans. I was happy and proud to be part of this group.

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