Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beachballs and the Wave Not Enough for You? Head to Seattle

From Kotaku:

The Nintendo Fan Network rolled out at the Seattle Mariners Safeco Field during the 2007 season, giving DS-toting fans access to a bunch of MLB stats and in-game progress reports for a small fee.

Today Nintendo announced that the service is going to be free at home games this year. Gamers who bring their DS with them to Safeco will be able to wirelessly log into the Nintendo Fan Network. Features include access to player statistics, scores from other MLB games in progress, current team standings, chat with other fans and the ability to compete in trivia and other mini games. Additionally, fans can watch the in-stadium live broadcast video and use the Nintendo DS touch screen to order ballpark food and beverages delivered right to their seats.


Falling LEAVes said...

as one who actually owns a DS... that actually sounds kinda cool. Then again, that would mean I would have to detach myself from my camera... choices choices