Monday, April 28, 2008

Diamondbacks Threatening Ned Colletti's Job Security?

The recent firing of Reds GM Wayne Krivsky after only two years on the job is a fresh reminder of the volatility in baseball front offices, especially those of teams with a "win-now" mandate. SoSG has already examined the payroll disparity in the NL West, specifically, that between the Dodgers and everyone else. Now the Arizona Diamondbacks—with the division's lowest payroll and baseball's best record (18-7) and largest run differential (148-93)—are part of the reason why some baseball writers are questioning the job security of Dodgers GM Ned Colletti. The latest writer to wonder out loud is's Jon Heyman. From "Will any GM join Krivsky on unemployment line?":

Ned Colletti, Dodgers. This baseball lifer waited a long time to get his dream job, and it was a hire applauded in many circles. [Giants GM Brian] Sabean's right-hand man during the Giants' heyday also previously worked as a PR man and sportswriter (not a bad Dodger formula, as Fred Claire, another ex-writer, did a decent job as L.A.'s GM).

Colletti's first year, 2006, brought some wise deadline deals, including one for Greg Maddux that helped pushed L.A. into the playoffs. But the Dodgers have done a lot of disappointing lately, perhaps partly because of a lack of clubhouse cohesiveness. A few notable free-agent missteps haven't helped, though, especially the signings of Juan Pierre and ex-Giant Jason Schmidt, whose arm has bothered him practically since hitting L.A.

Meanwhile, Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes just signed an eight-year contract extension through 2015. Colletti, whose contract ends in 2009, currently has the public support of Frank McCourt, but it will be interesting to see how much of an effect the media has on McCourt's support if the Dodgers produce another season without a trip to the playoffs.