Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poll: Who Looks Best Kicking Your Ass?

Here's a novel idea: Let's evaluate a number of very accomplished female athletes based not on their accomplishments, but rather on their physical appearance. But instead of the usual Anna Ks or Jennie Finches (or Amanda Beards, as per the recent post), let's look at women who compete against men. Here's a brief on the five contestants, in alphabetical order:

1. Milka Duno - Placed 31st in this year's Indianapolis 500. She's also a naval engineer with 4 masters degrees - just so you know.

2. Katie Hnida - Became the first woman to score in an NCAA Division I football game when she kicked two extra points for the University of New Mexico in 2003.

3. Danica Patrick - Of the contestants, she's the most famous and most successful vs the men, with 3 consecutive top-10 Indy 500 finishes. But remember, we're voting on looks, not fame or performance.

4. Manon Rheaume - Became the first woman to play in the NHL (or at least the preseason) when she was signed by the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992.

5. Annika Sorenstam - In 2003 she became the first woman since 1945 to compete in a PGA event. She placed 96th (out of 111) after two rounds and missed the cut.

Who looks best kicking your ass?
Milka Duno
Katie Hnida
Danica Patrick
Manon Rheaume
Annika Sorenstam
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Rob said...

Wendy O. Williams.

Orel said...

Where is the love for Annika?

Delino DeShields said...
Kathy Ireland, circa Necessary Roughness

Anonymous said...

What about Michelle Wie? She'll be 18 in October.

Delino DeShields said...

Legal doesn't equal hot.

Eric Karros said...

Anon, I actually checked to see if Wie was 18 yet and when saw she wasn't, I went with Annika instead. By the way, I see someone gave Annika a pity vote (wasn't me).

Rob said...

So, you almost made a Wie mistake?