Saturday, August 15, 2015

BEERS Fest Thread: Aug. 15 vs. Sobriety, 1p

They had us at Cornhole. Come join SoSG Stubbs and Dusty if you you get the chance!


Fred's Brim said...

Good luck in the arm wrestling. I am pretty sure you need to be drinking a beer with your off hand while going over the top with the other

Orel said...

Sobriety 1, Sons 0. Hurry up, guys

Orel said...

Sons of Steve Garvey ‏@sosgsosg 3m

It's so hot, I had to stop at Olvera St for beers on my way to #BeersFest -D @DontSwitchBeers @BeersFests

Orel said...

Sons of Steve Garvey ‏@sosgsosg 6m

Savoring a brief moment of unimpaired function before entry #BeersFest -S

Orel said...

FIREMAN'S BREW ‏@FiremansBrew 24m

@FrankruptDotCom @beersfests @dontswitchbeers @sosgsosg @DavidYoungTBLA Come say hi guys

Steve Sax said...

I hope you guys pre-registered for Battle of the Guitars.

Steve Sax said...

Sam Adams LF
Bud Weiser RF
Carlton Draught 1B
Victoria Bitter SS
Peroni 2B
Little Creatures CF
Cooper's 3B
Kosciusko C
Sapporo P

Steve Sax said...

(Always hard to turn down a pitcher of Sapporo)

Dusty Baker said...

I'm alive!