Thursday, August 27, 2015

Post-Game 126 Thread: Red Sweep

Red sweep, standing by


The Dodgers scored the game's only run, when Yasmani Grandal had a bases-loaded GIDP in the second. Aside from that, Yasiel Puig re-injured his hamstring (Don Mattingly brought in Juan Nicasio to pinch-run, which is preferable to Nicasio entering the game any other way), Adrian Gonzalez injured his knee on a foul ball, and Zack Greinke pitched seven shutout innings. It is not clear whether Ron Roenicke had anything to do with either injury.

The Cubs rolled over and played dead for the Giants, so the lead stays at 2.5 games. Let's get back home now (after a 3-5 road trip) and see if the Cubs stay dormant.


QuadSevens said...

Red 5 Research loves your caption.

MR.F said...

Thanks for reminder that the football league has a keeper thing going on

Jason said...

Roenicke is not new to the injury curse spreading through his team. The dateline on that article should come as no surprise to those of us that recognize Roenicke's sleeper agent status.

Steve Sax said...

@jason: holy smokes, Roenicke is cursed! Great article