Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post-Game 124 Thread: Dodgers Win Game Despite Roenicke


Surprisingly, the Dodgers finally brought an end to their season-high five-game losing streak, but don't think that new coach Ron Roenicke didn't try his hardest to foil the Dodgers' winning plans. When the Dodgers opened up the game with back-to-back doubles (Yasiel Puig scoring Jimmy Rollins before the first out), Roenicke used his third base forces to make sure the next four batters couldn't advance Puig another 90 feet.

For the rest of the entire game, Roenicke was able to hex spell the Dodgers away from third base, as the only time other Dodger players were allowed to even touch third base were due to home runs (Justin Turner and Jimmy Rollins, each with two-run HRs). Roenicke made sure that, if a Dodger came near third, he had better have a damn good reason.

And rumors have it that it was Roenicke who inspired John Lamb to lead off the fifth with a HBP on Adrian Gonzalez. After that, Roenicke allegedly turned his Dodgers-dooming wrath towards our leaky bullpen--brainwashing manager Don Mattingly into pulling Alex Wood after 5 2/3 innings (a move which immediately backfired when Chris Hatcher allowed a run-scoring double).

Roenicke's last big attempt at sabotaging the game for the Dodgers came in the eighth, when he tried to call Juan Nicasio in for relief work, only to see Juan load the bases with Reds. Luis Avilan entered the game to replace Nicasio and record the third out in the bottom of the eighth, but really: Roenicke was that close to causing yet another loss.

So the Dodgers overcome the Reds, and Roenicke, for the first game in Cincinnati. The red-hot Cubs also beat down the Giants, extending the Dodgers' lead back to 2.5 games. Will Roenicke destroy us Wednesday, with Brett Anderson on the mound? I'm sure he'll try.