Saturday, August 29, 2015

Game 128 Thread: August 29 vs. Cubs, 6p

Cubs Team Photo

Mat Latos (4-9, 4.81) vs. Jon Lester (8-9, 3.44)

The rare dualing starting pitchers both of whom shirk traditional spellings of their first name matchup.

Dodgers ride a four-game (4!) win streak coming into tonight's high-stakes clash with the Cubs. It will be an uphill battle given Latos' form of late, having been relegated to the bullpen (more of a place to sit and think about what he did than as someone who was actually called upon to come into the game in relief). But optimism prevails today fresh off the news that our beloved Vin Scully will return for his 67th season next year (praise be to Vin).

Programming note: don't sleep on the 6pm start given the usual 7pm start


Dusty Baker said...

Rollins SS
Hernandez CF
Gonzalez 1B
Turner 3B
Van Slyke RF
Crawford LF
Ellis C
Peraza 2B
Latos P

Steve Sax said...

Cards win, Giants lose (6-nil)

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Gnats, Cards... both losers

Dusty Baker said...

Dusty up in this hot-ass yard!

Dusty Baker said...

No one up in dis thread!

Fred's Brim said...


Fred's Brim said...

Johnson is a lucky SOB