Saturday, April 06, 2013

At-Game 4 Recap: Team Killeen

They're huge Dodger fans and they know their way around a lens and keyboard. They are: Team Killeen. Thanks again for sharing! Photos and captions by Scott, writeup by BJ:

"Dodgers win"


"Cruz goes high after a long ball during batting practice…he missed it"

"What Ethier got after hitting his first home run of the season...Yeah, that pat from Donnie doesn't look right to me either."

"We're going to get these seats above Vin one game and I'm going to dangle my camera over the edge and get THE shot of Scully working his magic."

"Next time anyone sees Jon SooHoo, tell him I got his back covered…Ethier's home run hit"

"The Dodgers finally quit clowning around more that HICCUPS with their bats..."

"If Justin Sellers looked like A.J. Ellis and he does according to the scoreboard. Glitches all night with the left field score board."

"Kemp's first hit of the season…all smiles everybody!"

"Maybe Dodger fans can be bought?"

My favorite [photo of Scott's] was Russell Martin hugging Steve Yeager. It was so genuine and heartfelt, it makes me cry looking at it because you can see how much Yeager means to him.

Because we complained at the Fan Fest, we got in as guests of Dodgers Fan Services, and were allowed on the field for batting practice, where Scott got those great shots. Last night was a whole bunch of firsts, and we were happy to be there to see them:

  • First pitching for Greinke as a Dodger pitcher, including first shut out and first hit as a Dodger
  • First return for Russell Martin to Dodger Stadium since leaving as a Dodger
  • First homer for Dre this season
  • First hit for Matt this season
  • First fireworks night of the season
  • First scoreboard malfunction that caused an out
  • First save for League

On the whole, things at the stadium ran smoothly, except they ran out of hot cocoa on fireworks night. The all-beef Dodger Dog was yummy, as were the garlic fries, but you better really like garlic, because they load it on!

To top it off, I got Lopes and Yeager's autographs on my hat. How I got the Lopes autograph: I was standing behind the cordoned off area on the field, and was holding my hat and Sharpie. A nice lady walked up to me and asked whose autograph I wanted. I said Davy's, and she took the hat and pen and walked up to him and he signed it. When she returned it, I asked her name and she said Kim Walter. Later I find out she's married to Mark Walter, the CEO of Guggenheim Financial, and the controlling partner of the Dodgers!! That's going the extra mile for the fans.

We have now been twice, and have yet to pay for a game. We have two vouchers for another free game, then we have to start paying.. :-( (LOL)...

Our game plan is to get seats on the Club Level, in the Dugout Club, and at the new Box seats. We'll see what happens after that!


Dusty Baker said...

Excellent stuff, Killeens! I have always been a huge fan of photographing baseball games. I end up with a million shots of the same things, but I can never stop. I have thousands of shots just of seats at various stadia. #Fetish

Dusty Baker said...

ps - I like the picture of beer.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Great recap BJK. Love the extra mile story.

spank said...

BEER! Team Killeen knows what we like. Nice job with the recap.

Steve Sax said...

What was the scoreboard malfunction that caused an out?

That glitch of sellers / Jellis was pretty obvious...

Steve Sax said...

Cards up 4-2 in the fifth on SF

BJ Killeen said...

The scoreboard was stuck on 3 and 2, so Crawford thought it was ball four. The scoreboard had been stuck for a bit. Messed him and us up!

Dusty Baker said...

Bottom line: we like beer and/or pictures of beer.

Scott said...

Pirate video version...score board malfunction

Scott said...

Pirate video version...score board malfunction