Friday, April 19, 2013

Vin Scully, on the Hazards of Live Commercials

Vin Scully, from Tuesday's telecast:

On this day in 1958, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first game. They had lost opening game, eight to nothing to the Giants in San Francisco, in Seals Stadium, but they came back to win the second game. Johnny Podres struck out eleven, Snider and Gray hit home runs, and there was numero uno.

Let's go back to this one.

Chris Denorfia will start it off.

Boy, we do remember those days in Seals Stadium. They really didn't have a broadcasting booth. We had a row of fans directly in front of us, and every time we did a beer commercial — I think the beer was Eastside Old Tap Lager, which I don't believe is in existence — but you'd do the commercial—

There's a drive in the gap in left center, never mind the commercial, that's going to go to the wall. And breezing into second base goes Chris Denorfia, who has certainly found out the way to hit the Dodgers. For a guy since 2010 who was hitting .177 against the Dodgers, well this year he came in here batting .316 and he's three for four. So the batter is Cabrera.

Anyway, we'd get back and we'd be reading, Jerry and I, would read the beer commercial. So all the guys around us, the fans, would start hollering for all the beer that they were ordering, every single brewery that they could think of.

So that eventually caused us to record our commercials.

But they were really something — they were nice, but they did things to drive you crazy. I'd be doing the game and the fellow in front of me had turned around and in mid-sentence he'd just say, "Do you have a match?"

Yeah, those were the days. 1958, Seals Stadium.

Meanwhile. The Padres pushing the Dodgers around from pillar to post....