Monday, April 15, 2013

At-Game Recap: Opening Day 2013 (Part 3)

Yikes, we're on the precipice of the second homestand of the year, and I haven't even gotten in all of the pictures I took from Opening Day 2013 back on April 1. They may be dated now, but shoot, since I have already uploaded all of them, I might as well use them.

Field level still had the batting practice cage set up.

Clouds on Opening Day weren't threatening, unless you were a Giant.

The new right field scoreboard was still shining retro-color flair.

All sorts of Dodgers dignitaries and sportscasters on the field. "Psycho" Steve Lyons responded to a shoutout with a nice wave to the crowd.

Luckily for my ass, my seats still came with cushioney padded goodness.

Closer shot of the right field scoreboard and enhanced ribbon scoreboard underneath.

Spotted this pirated Dodgers t-shirt and had to take a photo. A little over-proportioned (Rob Liefeld would be proud!), but the point still holds.

For a while at least, the concession stand lines on the field level weren't too long or onerous. (This changed soon thereafter.)

New multi-lingual callouts atop the dugouts.

Everybody's taking pictures!

The mini-sirloin television monitors in the concourse, above the concession stands, could still stand to be expanded a bit. Some guys in line had luckily brought their binoculars.

Game used memorabilia? But this is the first game of the season?! I'm so confused.

Now up on the loge level: television monitors facing the field.

New loge level signage. Missing, however, were the column wraps with players' pictures.

The Opening Day view of the field, from Loge Level.

This guy had just gone to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and picked up this shirt. Our Dodgers shirt is slightly more full than the Diamondbacks' shirt, I assume.

New loge level viewing areas, at the top behind each section. (Note grumpy guy in the bottom right, totally unimpressed.)

No player column wraps, but there were Opening Day column wraps, however.

Hey look, it's a Giant fan! (Get it?)

Yep, life begins when the season starts. So let's get this season started already, right?

More Opening Day 2013 shots coming shortly (hopefully, before August)!

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Hideo Nomo said...

Lotta broken image links for me today. Could be my work firewall, though.

Hideo Nomo said...

Yep. My firewall. Carry on.

Fernie V said...

Nice pics Saxy, better late them never.

Steve Sax said...

@Gnomes: ever since you moved to the Dept of Defense, it's been a lot tougher for you to post, I know

QuadSevens said...

Love the pics. I need to get me some fancy pants field level seats soon.

Steve Sax said...

@Quadsevens: your ass will thank you

Scott said...

Good stuff, I like all the tee shirt photos, great idea...