Thursday, January 08, 2009

Five More Ways the NL West Can Take a Dump on the Heads of Padres Fans

Times are tough for San Diego fans:

And we're still weeks away from spring training!

What did the Padres faithful do to deserve such shoddy treatment at the hands of their division rivals? We may never know...but let's pour some salt in those wounds anyway and imagine what else could go wrong for them:

1. Tony Gwynn moves to Denver, becomes coach of CU baseball team and special adviser to Rockies GM Dan O'Dowd. Bonus: Denver's thin air causes Tony's voice to finally drop!
2. To honor San Francisco's proud military tradition, the Giants start wearing camouflage jerseys. And they're such a hit the team immediately starts planning Alcatraz-inspired striped uniforms.
3. PETCO Park renamed FRONTLINE FLEA & TICK CONTROL Field. On the plus side, the Swinging Friar becomes blissfully itch-free.
4. Bud Black returns to the Angels as pitching coach; Jim Tracy hired as new manager. And if he's busy, I'm sure Davey Johnson's available!
5. The Padres sign Eric Gagne. Ouch.

Knock on wood, Padres fans!

top photo by Don Boomer/North County Times
Tracy photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images


Rob said...

The Padres did nothing ... it's just a sad consequence of the Moores' divorce.