Monday, January 12, 2009

Mets 2009 Inaugural Season Design, Take 2

As Big League Stew and's Uni Watch picked up, the Mets' unveiling of their 2009 sleeve patch, commemorating their move into a brand new ballpark, was utterly underwhelming. Let's see what the gurus in design drew up for the Mets:

Looks pretty bland, eh? Especially when compared against the majestic design from their crosstown big brothers:

And, as Uni Watch pointed out, it's not like they don't have other logo options. For merchandise sold within Citi Field, they've got this design which is a damn sight better than the Domino's Pizza askew rectangle:

So, we here at SoSG are going to try to help the design-challenged Mets out. Free of charge, we'll offer up this one--which should steer clear of any (explicit) corporate sponsorship concern:

No need to thank us! Just click on a couple of our google ads instead, okay?


Damon said...

So which one of the Mets/Phillies players is going to say they're the team to beat first this year?

Orel said...

It's already begun.

Alex Cora said...

They should put 2 eyes above the red frown.