Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Marlins Mermaids: Episode 4 (A New Hoki)

It looks like Sons of Steve Garvey isn't the first place that considered voting for one's favorite Marlins Mermaid. In fact, here in Episode IV--A New Hoki, we reveal recently found information that this has all been done before, by Marlins fans.

And the winner of the Marlins' Mermaid Bracket Challenge, serendipitously enough, was: SoSG's very own winner, Glenda!

Wow, a SoSG victory trophy to go with her Mermaids Bracket Challenge victory. Glenda is unstoppable!


Eric Karros said...

Where can I find the box scores?

Neeebs (The Original) said...


He said Box.

Unknown said...

Actually, if you guys want to see a video of all Glenda all the time, just go here:

Then click on the second to last picture on the bottom right. That's one lucky dolphin.

Orel said...

Sweet find, Thurman.