Monday, January 05, 2009

SoSG Baseball Finals, Day 1

SoSG Baseball is back! The Championship Game features Sweeney Sour Pork vs GSoSG.

Today's Matchups and Game: SSP's R. McGowan at the plate vs GSoSG's Tony on the mound. And your game is this. (Note: because scoring in this game always ends in '0', the 2nd-to-last digit will determine the outcome of the at-bat). And just a heads up - be careful about continuing to click once your game ends, as it will re-start the game and erase evidence of your score.

So as always, Tony and R. McGowan, please submit a screenshot of your high score (only your first submission will count) before midnight PT tonight, include your screenname somewhere in your email, and don't reveal your score to anyone but SoSG. Good luck!


Ryan McGowan said...

Sorry Sweeney Sour Pork, can't post a score because Mac's not supported. I emailed the staff w/ a heads up.

MR.F said...