Thursday, January 15, 2009

Padres Decide To Get Scrappy in 2009

According to ESPN, the Padres are chasing FJM favorite David Eckstein to add to their infield.

Dodger fans rejoice; it's like seeing Alex Cora all over again, except this time it's thankfully not on our team.

The San Diego Padres, in the market for an affordable veteran middle infielder, have stepped up their efforts to sign free agent David Eckstein, said a baseball source.

Padres general manager Kevin Towers has told reporters that the team could sign a middle infielder by the end of the week. Several reports have suggested that veteran shortstop Omar Vizquel is a leading candidate to land in San Diego. But the Padres prefer Eckstein, who turns 34 next week and is almost eight years younger than Vizquel.

The Padres also regard Eckstein, who has a .351 on base percentage, as a better fit near the top of their order.

"There's genuine interest from both sides,'' said the source, who added that a deal could be struck sometime in the next day or two.

San Diego is in the middle of a budget crunch because of owner John Moores' divorce, so whichever player the Padres sign might be looking at a base salary no higher than $1 million.