Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who Is Your All-Time Favorite Angel?

Who is your all-time favorite Angel?
Gary DiSarcina
David Eckstein
Jim Edmonds
Darin Erstad
Mickey Hatcher
Rex Hudler
Adam Kennedy
Troy Percival
Rally Monkey
Tim Salmon
Mike Scioscia
Reggie Willits
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Eric Karros said...

Ummm...Where's Wally?!?

bcj said...

Where's Randy Velarde?

WesParker in IA said...

good one...April Fools!

Anonymous said...

Evidentially not good Angels fans, you guys left out Brian Downing and Doug Desinces! :)

Eric Karros said...

This poll proves our point: there are so many Angel greats to choose from! Also omitted: Mark Langston, Kirk McCaskill, Jim Abbott, Chuck Finley. Actually I think that was their rotation at one point.

Steve Sax said...

dangarion, thanks for helping us become good Angels fans. Should we also put Nolan Ryan up there on the list?

Anonymous said...

Of course, but what do I know, I was running www.letsgododgers.com and gave up. :)

WesParker in IA said...

What about Jimmy Piersall?