Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Why Sons of Mike Scioscia?

That does it.

After many months during the off-season of self-introspection, and some heated discussion over emails, the Sons of Steve Garvey have decided that we can better serve our faithful readership, and Los Angeles baseball fans everywhere, by changing allegiances and embracing the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

We'll confess that this wasn't an easy decision. In fact, it's extremely disruptive for all seven of us, save Pedro Guerrero who is keeping his last name and switching to Vlad. But when you boil it down, it makes a lot of sense:

  • While the Dodgers have only one Jose Lima-fueled playoff victory since their storied title in 1988, the Angels have won a World Series as recently as 2002, when they vanquished the San Francisco Giants, a team we already despise.
  • The Angels have won their division three of the last four years, finishing second in the other year. The Dodgers finished in first place only one time in the last four years, and ended up in fourth two of the past four years.
  • The Angels are managed by former Dodger hero Mike Scioscia, while we have suffered through Jim Tracy and Grady Little over the same time period.
  • The Angels have water geysers, family-friendly environments, and rally monkeys; the Dodgers have parking system failures and parking lot shootings.
  • Angels billboards are more ubiquitous in the city than Dodgers billboards.
  • The Angels are picked by many (including Sports Illustrated) to win their division this year. The Dodgers are commonly picked middle-of-the-pack in third place--and that's not accounting for most of the injuries that have befallen us in spring.
  • All 162 of the Angels' games are televised this season; the Dodgers' schedule still has some gaps where there is no television option listed.
  • Beer prices are cheaper at Angel Stadium.

So we got to thinking, why resist any longer? The Angels are the dynamic team of the future, with a track record of winning and a bright future this year. The Dodgers may be "The Heart of LA" but rely more on traditions and nostalgia than a quality product on the field. Let's support the Angels--the Los Angeles Angels--for now on.

Go Angels! Beat the Twins!


Rob said...

It didn't help.

I confess to liking your sidebar links to the Rally Monkey.

Unknown said...

Hey, I'm an Angel fan, too. But aren't you giving up on the Dodgers just as they're on the brink of success? The Dodgers' young talent -- Loney, Matin, Kemp, Bills, and Kershaw -- is incredible. Right now, it appears to me that the Dodgers have a brighter future than my Angels. And the Dodgers have an easier path to the Series.

Eric Karros said...

Fats - Personally, I'm still pulling for the Dodgers, as I'm faithful to SoCal and after all they still are the other LA team. But to be honest, for me the hardest part of our decision to change allegiance was accepting the name "SoMS" over "Sons of Wally Joyner".

Steve Sax said...

Fats, what "brink of success"? An Opening Day win over the lowly Giants is like UCLA's first-round win over the State of Mississippi Valley. The Angels have a big bat, a fun stadium, and cheap beer. We're going rally monkey, and leaving the Dodgers behind.

Mike said...

Oh well, I guess Steve Sax will change his name to David Eckstein...

Johnny Blanchard said...

Happy April Fool's Day.

Brent said...

Yes, Happy April Fools everyone... Very good joke.

Dusto_Magnifico said...

you just lost a reader.

Mike Scioscia's tragic illness said...


Does this mean I now have to change to "Steve Garvey's tragic illness?"

bobmac said...

You mean the Anaheim Angels...and I like the Trunk Monkey better. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkZcG_pgp0Q

Mike said...

"Does this mean I now have to change to "Steve Garvey's tragic illness?""

Shouldn't it be "Steve Sax's Felony Charges" just to go with the Simpson's theme?