Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Remember When We Stole Vlad from the Dodgers? I'm So Glad Arte Moreno Owns the Angels

From the LA Times via 6-4-2:

With major league owners scheduled to vote this month on whether to approve the bid of would-be Dodger buyer Frank McCourt, a source said Sunday that McCourt asked Commissioner Bud Selig whether some owners might vote against him if he spent freely to acquire Guerrero yet presented a financing package heavily dependent on loans. Selig offered no assurances, the source said, and McCourt sent word to General Manager Dan Evans to cease talks with Guerrero.

photo by Kirby Lee/WireImage.com


Steve Sax said...

Ha ha, those Dodgers still don't have a power bat!

Jamie's Good Eye said...

The truth is that Vlad Guerrero had agreed to terms with the Dodgers on a five-year, $75 million deal with Bob Daly and Dan Evans in January 2004, and Frank McCourt vetoed the signing despite knowing about the negotiations the entire process. That's why the Dodgers traded Kevin Brown earlier that offseason - it gave them enough money to pursue Guerrero. This has been confirmed in LA Times articles in 2004.