Friday, June 01, 2007

Yahoo Sports Must Long for Ned Colletti

How else to explain the Yahoo Sports lead article on the most overpaid and underpaid players in MLB? A cursory look give high marks to the Dodgers' organizational moves.

On the All-Underpaid team, our fearless closer Takashi Saito makes an appearance as the only current Dodger on the list:

RP: Takashi Saito, Los Angeles Dodgers, $1 million – Welcome back! Unlike with [Jeff] Weaver, it's a privilege to join this team for the second consecutive season. After making $500,000 last season, striking out 107 in 78 1/3 innings and taking over the Dodgers' closer job, Saito has been even better this year: 22 innings, two walks, 26 strikeouts, a 1.64 ERA and 15 for 15 in save opportunities.

And on the All-Overpaid team are two Dodger castaways from this offseason:

SS: Julio Lugo, Boston, $8.25 million – To bat No. 1 in the powerful Red Sox lineup – the one that ranks third in the major leagues in scoring – and have only 26 runs through 48 games is embarrassing. Lugo can run (15 stolen bases) and field (though not as well as the man he replaced, Alex Gonzalez), but his inability to get on base has prevented the Red Sox from dominating even more than they already have.

OF: J.D. Drew, Boston, $14.4 million – And to think, the Red Sox are on the hook for four more years of this. Drew's batting average has vacillated between awful and abysmal, he left any semblance of power back in Los Angeles and, if not for the Red Sox's dominance, he'd be hearing boos all the way from Maine.

No other Dodger was mentioned on either list. Scott Rolen, for the record, was on the Overpaid list--a cautionary tale for those looking to upgrade our third baseman with a quick fix. And Giant Barry Zito was also on the Overpaid list (no surprise there).


Joe Dodger said...

I thought that when i read that article too