Monday, June 04, 2007

Garciaparra Under-Achieves; Loney Campaign Believes?

Straight from the FREE JAMES LONEY files comes this entry from Jon Weisman's Fungoes, about Nomar Garciaparra's subpar offensive performance this year (particularly in the category of hitting for power):

Los Angeles Dodgers: Nomar Garciaparra
In a year that has been a surprising challenge for several big-name major-league first basemen, Garciaparra can console himself that Richie Sexson, Carlos Delgado and Paul Konerko, among others, are hurting at the plate. Still, Dodger fans might not be in much of a mood to commiserate now that Garciaparra looks like he's 33 going on 43. In the first half of 2006, Garciaparra had a 1.004 OPS. in the second half, his OPS tumbled to .694, and now through the first two months of 2007, he's at .685 with one solitary home run. He had two extra-base hits in 104 plate appearances during the entire month of May (.289 slugging percentage).

Hmm, is there anyone in the Dodgers' minor league system who might be able to fill that power gap? I think there might be...

(ps There would still be room for Nomar on the infield at the other corner, by the way...)