Friday, June 01, 2007

Boffo vs. Da Bums Week Five - Preview

After a controversial handicapped match, Boffo vs. Da Bums returns to its regular un-enhanced play (and look how good that's been for Giambi). The Dodgers have faced massive competition all summer - Keith Richards, vomiting Ogres, Kirsten Dunst's messed up teeth! But can they withstand a head to head battle with the hottest star in Hollywood... the portly Jewy Canadiany Seth Rogen. Knocked Up has arrived! Apparently, it's got close ups of certain lesser-seen body parts, which means instant massive blockbuster. The Delino, still on a buzzy high from two consecutive Arcade Fire concerts, has been counting the days down for Knocked Up. Director Judd Apatow is the 2000s John Hughes, with more of a penchant for messy real life and using porn stars in mainstream films. In short, this movie can only be awesome.

Okay, enough free publicity for Knocked Up. Pirates 3 is still out there, looking for its pieces of eight (hundred million). Are people sick of movies that cost more than the GNP of most smaller countries? The Dodgers are hoping so, as they face some Pirates almost as intimidating as Jack Sparrow. Zach Duke's initial Cy Young potential has been sucked dry (I blame the famous Pittsburgh Primanti Bros sandwiches, which left me a sweaty bloated mess after three GLORIOUS bites). Ian Snell sounds too much like a Harry Potter character to be dangerous. Only Tom Gorzelanny is playing like he wants to get the heck out of the 'Burgh. Prediction - After a humiliating game to the Nationals, the Dodgers rough up all Pirates in their path.


Richard Todd said...


I remember you from Expos, but also believe we might have done some business together - is your son still in baseball? Like to do a follow up on 2nd-Gen players. (Can reach me through my site.)

Orel said...

Confidential to Sax: See? I told you so!