Monday, April 08, 2013

Vin Scully Tells One of Tommy Lasorda's Stories

Vin Scully, from yesterday's telecast:

We were swapping stories with Tommy Lasorda before the game and of course Tommy guaranteed to tell you a dandy.

Here's the strike-one pitch to Punto, instead Locke off the rubber.

They were using the runner's last name for the steal. Reggie Smith was the coach at first. Steve Sax — who's now coaching in Arizona — Sax was the runner at first. And Lasorda decided to put the steal on.

The pitch to Punto is a little high.

And so, Sax would take his lead, Reggie Smith would say, "Take a good lead, Saxy! Stay alive out there, Saxy!"

And no matter how many times he mentioned Sax's last name — the key to steal — Steve never ran.

All of a sudden, after about three calls by Reggie Smith, Sax asked for time and went back to talk to Reggie.

Reggie said, "What in the world do you want? Why did you call time?"

Locke ready and delivers, bunt by Punto, Locke down to get it, shovels it for the out, and on the sacrifice Crawford takes third.

Anyway, Sax comes over to Reggie Smith, and Reggie said, "What's wrong? Why did you call time?"

Sax said, "Reggie, how long have you known me?"

And Reggie said, "Gosh, I've known you x number of years."

Saxy said, "Well, don't you think you ought to call me by my first name?"

And we'll see Steve, he's the first-base coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Bottom of the third, Crawford at third with one out and Matt Kemp trying to pick him up....