Tuesday, April 09, 2013

PCS 6.1: Stay Of Execution

For those of you who haven't been reading along with the puzzle-solving thread, apparently one day of fun just isn't enough for you people. This year, we're going to leave the "Answer sent!" window open a bit longer. To revise the rules a bit, if you answer on the first day, it will be the full 3 points, and then 2 points on the second through fifth days, with the window closing Saturday at midnight. The solution will then post on Sunday, so there would be no administrative overlap between puzzles. I'll post a "daily hint" post as needed

Please continue to use the original puzzle thread for comments, questions, and swears. I definitely won't be johnny-on-the-spot after the puzzle day, but I'll try to address and follow-up submissions and communication daily.  Without further ado here is today's hint

Hint 4 (4/9) - "The Magnificent 7" is not one of the categories, but...