Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dodgers Outscore Giants...In Scrabble

MLB's licensing department jumps the shark

This ESPN article is so absurd, I had to link to it. Diane Firstman ranks the MLB lineups by Scrabble rosters:

When I'm not watching baseball, you can probably find me playing Scrabble. I combine my love of these two seemingly disparate interests by tracking down those players whose names are also valid words in Scrabble. I present to you now the Scrabble-acceptability of the names on the Opening Day 40-man roster for each team.

If the player's first or last name can be found in the "bible" of organized Scrabble, the Official Tournament and Club Word List, it will be listed in CAPS here (thus, no Rzepczynski). The number after the player's name is the total Scrabble score, excluding the possibility of double and triple-letter and double and triple-word squares. The score for each player is based upon the tile distribution in a standard English Scrabble set. If the player's name is seven letters or more and a valid Scrabble word, the score increases by 50 (otherwise known as a "bingo"). If the name cannot be formed without the use of a blank (such as "BOBBY"), the score represents the actual tally (in the BOBBY example, that would be 11, not 14). The numbers next to the team name gives the team's tally of qualifying names and total points. [...]

Dodgers (17, 226): Justin SELLERS 57, JOSH WALL 21, MATT KEMP 18, NICK PUNTO 17, JERRY Hairston 15, JOSH Beckett 14, SHAWN Tolleson 11, CHAD Billingsley 10, Stephen FIFE 10, MARK Ellis 10, SKIP Schumaker 10, Brandon LEAGUE 7, MATT Guerrier 6, MATT Magill 6, CARL Crawford 6, TED Lilly 4, DEE Gordon 4

Giants (17, 217): JAKE DUNNING 74, HUNTER PENCE 18, ANGEL PAGAN 14, MATT CAIN 12, HECTOR Sanchez 11, JEAN Machi 11, CHAD Gaudin 10, NICK Noonan 10, SANDY Rosario 9, BUSTER Posey 8, TONY Abreu 7, ANGEL Villalona 6, ROGER Kieschnick 6, Brandon BELT 6, Brett PILL 6, Joaquin ARIAS 5, DAN Runzler 4

Nice to see Justin Sellers contributing some points on the board.... Anyway, the NL West's Rockies win the tournament, with an astounding 523 eligible Scrabble points.


Cliff Beefpile said...

Fuckin' Tulowitzki.