Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dodgers Fans Don't Care As Much About The Rivalry As Giants Fans

I have always thought that NoCal residents take the LA-SF rivalry much more seriously than SoCal folk. Cognizant of their inferiority, NoCal fans spend a lot of their time and effort trying to assert their overall relevance, just as Giants fans seem to rattle the sabers much more than Dodgers fans do.

Perhaps it's because we have more things to do and interests to pursue down here in paradise, so we're not so hung up on any one thing. Maybe the cold weather up there gets peoples' pasty-white skin tones flush.

But here's more evidence, via Deadspin and Quartz: relative ticket prices and the increases that opposing teams have on the resale value of the ticket. Giants fans pay a much higher premium when the Dodgers come to down. When the Giants come to Chavez Ravine, we're nonplussed.

(click on image for larger version)

There is some small sample size going on here, which is why the largest ticket increase in 2012 at Dodger Stadium came from the Pirates, (who played a three-game series to open the first 2012 homestand; two of these games had promotions attached (magnet schedule, Cy Young Award replica).

But you can see from the graphic: when the Giants come to Dodger Stadium, ticket prices go up by $1.60--an increase amount less than when the opponent is the Nationals, Angels, or even the White Sox.

When the Dodgers come to Big Phone Park, ticket prices go up by $26. That's the highest increase of any opponent, with the crazy exception of the Pirates again (who also opened up the Giants' first homestand of 2012, and had promotional giveaways for all three weekend games).

We're clearly a more meaningful draw, which is also true head-to-head for most other home teams (compare down the two columns). Maybe someday, the Giants might matter. For now, they're moderately interesting, but not enough to move the needle.


Paul said...

Or is it cause more Dodger fans are going to AT&T and driving their prices up?

Either way, we are way better and that is a scientific fact!

Dusty Baker said...

That's what I was thinking too, Paul.

But then what does the Pod Rays draw look like vs us at Petco...since a good 2/3 of ticket sales for that series is always traveling Dodger fans.

Unknown said...

I think being defending champions 2 out of 3 years makes the giants pretty relevant. Just keep spending money on has-beens and injury prone girls and wishing the dodgers were the ones in black & orange.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

5 > 2
stfu troll