Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Vive la Différent

From "Falsone 'blessed' to break barriers" by Ken Gurnick at

"It's ironic that people think that the change is about me being a woman, and that's not really the change," [Sue Falsone] said. "It's about us as a medical staff looking at new and innovative ways to deal with injuries. That's what the change is going to be. We'll look at things differently. We'll have different principles of injury management and hopefully decrease the injury rate. That's what's exciting. We'll look at the processes in place and evaluate with a critical eye."

New Gold Glove head athletic trainer....2012 is shaping up!


Jason said...

First change: Don't sign players that are already injured (aka the Schmidt Rule)

Nostradamus said...

What's the rule about signing players that can't see their toes?

Steve Sax said...

Already taken care of on this lineup

Kyle Baker said...

First rule of Fat Club is you don't sign players who are in Fat Club.