Thursday, November 03, 2011

USA Today Predicts Infielder Moves: Hello Kelly Johnson?

Short piece in USA Today yesterday mentioned the infielder moves that they believe will happen this offseason. The bad news is that they predict the Dodgers won't get Albert Pujols (who will return to St. Louis) nor Prince Fielder (who will end up with the Cubs). The worse news is that according to their chart, we'll end up swapping out Jamey "Admiral Ackbar" Carroll for Kelly Johnson of the Bluejays:

Ranking the free agent infielders

8. Jamey Carroll, IF. Prediction: From Dodgers to White Sox; Lots of questions in the White Sox infield.

12. Kelly Johnson, 2B. Prediction: From Blue Jays to Dodgers; A younger version of recent Los Angeles gambles at second.

I'm still holding out hope for Albert.


Josh S. said...

Remember when Ethier and Kelly Johnson were trading the NL home run lead back and forth in 2010?

Yeah, me neither.

Dusty Baker's Toothpick said...

Whatever happened to those guys? The Ethiers and Johnsons, of the 2010 home run race?

Johnson does sound like a $10M/year Ned type of guy...

Steve Sax said...

Except Johnson isn't fat.

Nostradamus said...

...or injured.

M.Brown said...
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