Tuesday, November 15, 2011

McCourt Trying to Exit With Class?

Some Frank McCourt quotes from Ramona Shelburne at ESPNLA.com:

"I know the last couple years were very, very difficult and I'm very, very sorry about that. But we're going to move forward and handle the situation in the most professional way possible and make sure that the baton is passed in a classy way."

"It got to a point where it became very, very clear to me that it was the right decision. The decision wasn't my first choice, but I'm comfortable with it and I'm very very focused on making sure that I pass the baton in a way here that's professional and that I hand off this franchise in better shape than I found it."

It all sounds so reasonable now, but a few levelheaded quotes won't dispel the miles of mud McCourt dragged the franchise through over the past few years. Of course, the inevitable Matt Kemp signing is truly the best way for McCourt to say sorry — in addition to meaning what he said above.

photo by Nick Ut/AP


Kyle Baker said...

Credit where it's due. He did man up and admit that things didn't go right and that he regrets it. He could have done some shit on the way out but instead is giving us our man Kemp.

Orel said...

Wow, where's the hate?

Kyle Baker said...


At SoSG Fest II, did I tell you we'd lock up Kemp long term or what?