Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trainer News

Thanks to Dusty for the link to this interview with Dodgers head athletic trainer Sue Falsone at the Huffington Post. An excerpt:

What is the most surprising part of your job? I think people would be surprised to know the amount of education it takes to become a physical therapist and an athletic trainer. The requirements have changed over the years, but it is now about seven years of schooling (including PT school) and thousands of hours of continuing education throughout an individual's career.

Athletic training and physical therapy are both unbelievable independent, individual careers and synergistic careers at the same time. To be great at both takes a lifetime of dedication and passion. I am constantly studying and reading, trying to become a better clinician so I can better help the athletes I work with. There is no "top" to this profession. It is a constant attempt to better yourself as a person and professional.

Dear Sue: please keep Matt Kemp healthy for, oh, the next eight years or so. Thanks!


Kyle Baker said...

Love what you did with the title for these two posts. Well played, Orel.

Fred's Brim said...

Sue Falsone, Buffalo Bills fan!

Orel said...

Cheers, Dusty!