Monday, November 28, 2011

Colletti Sticking with Loney in 2012

From @MelAntonen:

#Dodgers GM Ned Colletti says on MLB Network Radio that James Loney will be at 1B for LA next season. Says 20-25 HRs possible.

Not a real stunner — just more of a confirmation there will be no big free-agent signings for us this off-season. Still, 20-25 HRs? Hasn't that been possible for Loney since he was freed?


Fred's Brim said...

Other things that are possible in 2012:
- Ron Paul, president elect
- Miley Cyrus tours with Cypress Hill, changes name to Miley Cyprus Hill
- Old and new Mars Rovers meet on separate missions, confuse each other as existence of life, battle to the death

Loney Fan said...

Loney's coming with 25 HRs in 2012. Y'all created a monster!

Josh S. said...

Oh, I'd say he'll have more than 20-25 Hits Rightbacktothesecondbaseman.

karina said...

I'd rather him to be a contact hitter and bringing people to home plate, than hitting 20, 25 HRs (it's best if he does both)

If he does have an amazing season, I'll gladly remember you all "I TOLD YOU SO" ;)

NicJ said...

Maybe 20-25 career total.

Fernie V said...

I loved the guy and campaigned to Free James Loney. He is not Tim Tebow. Sorry guys but he is not a MLB first baseman, let him pitch.