Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SoSG Baseball, Day 8

Yesterday's Results: Still no extra base hits. But in our closest matchup to date, Julie Hibbard barely beat out Dr. Geek - and I mean barely - thus inducing him into a flyout. In the other game, Fanerman singled off QuadSevens as GSOSG tries to mount a rally to tie up the game. Since Bud Selig won't let these games end in a tie, I'll explain how extra innings works if either game gets to that point.

Today's Matchups and Game: Karina vs Loney Fan, and Ryan vs R. McGowan. And this is the game for today.

So Karina, Loney Fan, Ryan and R. McGowan, please submit a screenshot of your high score (only your first submission will count) before midnight PT tonight, include your screenname somewhere in your email, and don't reveal your score to anyone but SoSG. Good luck!


TD said...

Oh great, a game I could actually have gotten a decent score at. My game will be Calculus/Analytic Geometry.

Jimbo said...

My best wasn't good enough.

*packs bags in case I get sent down to AA*

QuadSevens said...

0 for 2
Can my next game have a riddle in it? Maybe I'll have a better chance of winning a game that way.

Go Karina and Rancho Ardiendo!

MR.F said...

Single! See Mr. Pierre, THAT is how you set the table!

Loney Fan said...

I'm on it. I'm just imagining that they are San Diego Padres on Military Day.

Loney Fan said...

Okay GSoSG, I took a mighty swing and submitted my score. I'm off to class again, stupid Wednesdays. I think we're good though. Hit and run is on Fanerman.