Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sabathia Wants Money; Dodgers Can't Play Ball

Word this morning is that CC Sabathia is very close to signing with the Yankees for $161M / seven years. The Dodgers had coveted Sabathia, and of course tried to appeal to Sabathia's fondness for California. BIll Shaikin over at the LAT echoed TJ Simers' earlier call that the Dodgers HAD to sign Sabathia.

Alas, it came down to money (if the news reports are true), and of course, the cheap Dodgers can't, or won't, come to the table. I don't know why I expected more from the team, given how we got the steal of the year for Manny Ramirez' services last season. No, we only throw ungodly riches after players who have no hope of performing on the field (see: Schmidt, Jason; Jones, Andruw). If you're a quality player, forget it: we expect you to play for us for a discount.

Guess you'd better try and sign Manny now, "Neil."


Rob said...

I dunno. How many pitchers signed to seven-year deals have pitched well throughout it? Kevin Brown, Mike Hampton, ...

Unknown said...

I'm disappointing we didn't sign him, but I would not have wanted us to outbid the Yankees. I think it is an irresponsible investment on their part. Cashman never makes any of those clever moves, he just makes the obvious ones which the Yankees have the luxury of doing because they can outspend everyone.