Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Off-Season Competition Prize

As a key Dow component, Sons of Steve Garvey (NYSE ticker symbol: SoSG) and its tanking share price have done their part to bring down the economy. This means our prize budget has been slashed, and we can't afford to send out four physical items to the members of the team that wins the SoSG Off-Season Competition. But fear not! You will instead each get something far more valuable. Besides priceless bragging rights, the 4 members of the winning team will be featured in their very own SoSG Pop Culture Grid, in the model of the one below (see original post here, as well as other examples here and here):

(click image to enlarge)

So if you haven't already been taking this competition seriously, I am sure this will jolt you into action. Don't miss your turn!


cigarcow said...

Nice! Now I must make falafels.