Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dodgers Hot Stove Cornucopia

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while now, but here's a quick post to update Dodger fans on recent moves, and non-moves, by the Blue:

Dodger sourpuss Brad Penny, who packed up his team locker early rather than hang out with the team following his 6-9, 6.27 ERA record in 2009, has apparently signed with the Red Sox for a one year, $5M deal. Sounds like a steal for a pitcher a year removed from being a pretty solid contributor for the Dodgers, for a couple of years. But after the way he left the team this past year, can you blame us for passing on Brad, despite the gaping hole in the rotation caused by his (wide girth) departure?

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have sat on the sidelines and watched Randy Johnson go to the Giants, for a one year, $8M deal. Do we care about a 45-year old grizzled vet like Johnson, pitching for a non-contending team? Given the two holes in our starting lineup, we might.

But fear not, Dodger fans. Ned Colletti is on the offensive beat, first looking to hedge their Manny Ramirez bet by contacting former Diamondback and Red Adam Dunn, the free-agent slugger who has hit 40 home runs four years in a row. The last Dodger to hit 40 in a season? SoSG favorite Adrian Beltre:

The Dodgers, meanwhile, need to infuse power into a lineup that finished 14th in the National League in home runs last season. And with no certainty that they can re-sign Ramirez, they seem to have decided that Dunn represents their best alternative.

Bill Shaikin over at the LAT says we're also in the hunt for discarded Yankee Bobby Abreu, as another potential option should Ramirez not materialize in Dodger Blue:

The market for Ramirez apparently has not heated up even after Mark Teixeira, the most coveted hitter available in free agency, signed last week with the New York Yankees. General Manager Ned Colletti said Monday the Dodgers have not heard since then from Scott Boras, the agent for Ramirez and Teixeira. [...]

Ramirez, Abreu, Dunn, Garret Anderson and Pat Burrell are among the corner outfielders available in what has become a buyer's market, although the Dodgers are not believed to be interested in Anderson or Burrell.

And since we're thinking of Christmas (vacation) turkeys, check out this nugget at the end of the Shaikin piece:

The Dodgers found a possible taker for center fielder Andruw Jones in the New York Mets, but the talks apparently went nowhere after the Mets asked the Dodgers to take second baseman Luis Castillo in a swap of bad contracts. Jones has one year and $22 million left on his contract, Castillo three years at $18 million.

Wow. A 2009 season without Andruw Jones, one of Colletti and McCourt's many Waterloos? That would be a holiday present indeed.

Chime in, Dodger fans. It seems like there are so many holes throughout the Dodgers' lineup, it's hard to tell what chasms represent the highest priorities...


Matt Crawford said...

Dunn or Abreu don't really seem any better than playing Andruw, since they are such horrid fielders and Andruw would be a good corner outfielder. But I think the public won't accept playing Andruw at any cost.

Alex Cora said...

I agree with Matt - I'm not that psyched for Dunn or Abreu. Dunn strikes out WAY TOO MUCH. Reminds me of Dave Kingman. If it was between the 2 though, I'd go for Abreu, not as many HRs, but has a better avg. I can't see getting rid of Jones without paying for all of his contract. I don't want to take on Castillo's 3 years either - we don't need him. I'd rather pay Jones for the year and let him pinch "hit" off the bench. High price bench player, but then we get him off the books next year.

Unknown said...

Any word on Radny Wolf? I read somewhere they were looking at him

Unknown said...

OOPS. I meant Randy Wolf. I don't know who Radny Wolf is.

Baseball Cynic said...

Can we just take a look at the farm system and see if anyone else is ready to come up before they get traded away?

Steve Sax said...

AC, I don't know how effective Andruw would be as a PH. However, I could contribute $20 a week toward the $18M owed to him next year, if Jones wanted to mow my front lawn on a weekly basis.

Dean H. said...

I'm sorry, but the offense is a distraction. The '09 Dodgers do not have the pitching to contend with or without Manny. Billingsley may be ready to top the rotation. Kershaw and McDonald may be ready to fill out the back end. Kuroda may come back from injury.

However, best case leaves the Dodgers with one FRONT OF THE ROTATION STARTER short. That means Ned going into the trade market mid-season. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.