Friday, December 12, 2008

SoSG Baseball, Day 10: RISPy Business vs Sweeney Sour Pork

Here's how the tiebreaker panned out (again, I'm revealing scores!):

RISPy Business Score Sweeney Sour Pork Score
J. Hibbard 20 Dr. Geek 26
John G 28 R. McGowan 21
Pablo 38 Steve 33
Ryan 16 A. Bastard 25
Total 102 Total 105

Another nailbiter, but...congratulations, Sweeney Sour Pork! The extra-inning hit/run is being awarded to Steve, for his team-leading tie-breaker score. And Ryan - you gave up the run, for your team-trailing score. So here's the box score:

(click image to enlarge)

For his game-winning hit, and for his 0.2 hitless innings pitched, Steve is the series MVP. Congratulations Steve and Sweeney Sour Pork, you move on to the finals against GSoSG!

P.S. Due to my travel schedule and the subsequent holidays, the Finals will not begin until January 5.


Jimbo said...

Woot-woot! Great job, Sweeney Sour Pork!

*slaps teammates on the butt*

Ryan McGowan said...

Good job guys, sorry for providing the lowest score. :-( Believe it or not my top score as far as I can remember was 27, I must have emailed the wrong screenshot. Thankfully it didn't make a difference!

Pablo said...

Tough loss RISPy. I thought we had that one for sure. There's always next year