Monday, December 22, 2008

Manny Happy Returns?

Looks like your opinions are split. I guess the next question you want the Dodgers to sign Manny?


carolinabluedodger said...

Steve Sax - wow...I feel like a dweeb. You posted to me that you hadn't seen me around in a while and that you liked the big blue wrecking crew. I didn't know about that site until now. There is someone there called carolina blues whom you have confused with me carolinabluedodger. I post over at the 'huzzah' boards (private) where there is a poster called "bigbluwreckingcrew". Sooooo, I'm not him.......and he's not me. I'm the guy who used to say "Say Goodnite Gracie".

Goodnite Gracie.