Monday, November 12, 2007

MLBTR: McCourt Could Get Involved in A-Rod Talks

From MLB Trade Rumors:

I recently watched an ESPN video (top right corner) where Keith Law said he didn't see Colletti patching things up to cut a deal with Scott Boras. If the Dodgers are to sign A-Rod it might have to be Dodgers owner Frank McCourt taking care of things.

No matter what your position is on acquiring A-Rod, how troubling is that paragraph? If Ned is still pissed off at Boras over the J.D. Drew fiasco, he should use that chip in future negotiations rather than limit the team's options by refusing to deal with the agent representing such a significant portion of available free agents.

And imagining McCourt dealing directly with Boras conjures thoughts of Tom Hicks and $252 million deals. (Although McCourt somehow slipped a highly-leveraged purchase of the Dodger franchise past MLB; maybe he's got some tricks left).

MLBTR also offers this nugget:

A couple of vets would like to re-join the Dodgers in David Wells and Luis Gonzalez.

Well, a couple of Dodger fans would like to tell Gonzo to go [Rule 1 violation] yourself.


At least Colletti and Boras are on speaking terms. From Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times:

Colletti spoke briefly with Rodriguez's agent, Scott Boras, on the final day of the general managers meetings last week.

"Hi Scott." "Hi Ned."


Jon Weisman said...

That might be the first use of "Rule 1 violation" as a term in and of itself outside of DT.

Orel said...

I think Rob deserves credit for that.