Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Worth Reading: The Dodgers' International Signings (Or Lack Thereof)

An excellent article about international signings from Dodger Thoughts poster CanuckDodger:

When the Dodgers' scouting czar Logan White engaged in an online chat at on June 12, he was asked, "Are the Dodgers looking to sign any top flight Latin American players?" White replied, "Absolutely." At that time, the next signing period for international amateur players was only a few weeks away. The window to sign Latin talent opened on July 2, and on July 7 Dominican Today quoted White as saying, "We're aggressive. We're going to spend money. The word is out the Dodgers are a player, baby." The problem with what Dominican Today quoted White as saying - aside from the fact that in 2007 the word "baby," used the way White used it, shouldn't be heard from or attributed to anyone who isn't a character in a rerun of Kojak - is that the Dodgers ended up being anything but a "player" in the market for Latin American talent. Again.

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Steve Sax said...

We suck, baby!