Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ned Colletti Continues To Play "Torre Hunter"

Nah, there's no new news, short of an admission by Colletti that he has talked with Torre. I really just wanted to write that headline in the hopes that it sparks other thoughts for Ned.

But hey, here's the relevant parts of the story:

Colletti would not provide a timetable for an announcement. He said that he first spoke to Torre "in the last two or three days" and called the conversations "informational gathering to get his thoughts and to give him our thoughts and see if there's interest on either side."

Colletti said that financial terms had been discussed only "to get a feel for where people are at."

I've got a feel for where the Dodgers are at. No Grady, no Torre--how do you say, "over a barrel"?