Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Miguel Cabrera. Miguel Cabrera! I Mean, Miguel Cabrera.

Jon Heyman at SI.com says Miguel Cabrera is "officially" available:

Florida will likely seek a package of three young players, including at least one or two top-tier talents for Cabrera, 24, who is eligible for free agency after the 2009 season.

Provided he can lay off the Ho-Ho's, Miguel Cabrera seems to make so much more sense than Alex Rodriguez (Cabrera is eight years younger than A-Rod). The question is, What package of three young players could the Dodgers offer?


Xeifrank said...

1) Best player in MLB
2) Don't need to trade any talent to get him.
3) Breaks Bonds record on your team.

1) Too expensive.
2) Too many years.
3) In his late prime.

1) Top 5 players in MLB
2) Fairly cheap for one more year.
3) Prime years ahead of him.
4) Won't be quite as expensive as AROD when he hits free agency.

1) Must trade 3 young talented players.
2) conditioning concerns
3) will be expensive as a free agent.

please feel free to add to this.

vr, Xei

Steve Sax said...

Pros (Miguel Cabrera):
5) Will make seamless naming transition for the formerly-known-as-Olmedo Saenz All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion. (Seamless, at least, until he busts on through the hem.)

Orel said...

Don't you think the Dodgers would work out a contract extension for Cabrera before trading for him? (Same with Johan Santana, if Steve Phillips' advice is to be followed.)

Steve Sax said...

If we are to throw in three players, can we cap it at a "trade of equal weight"? So to speak?

Alex Cora said...

You sure those are Ho-Ho's? I think they are more like cream-cream and clear-clear.

Steve Sax said...

nice late addition of the ho-ho's, orel

Orel said...

That's what she said. Hey-yo!

Orel said...

(I have no idea what that means.)