Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mets: Bye Bye, Captain Red Ass

This Day in Dodger Pornstache History: Before there was Jeff kent, there was Paul Lo Duca.

From Robothal:

Paul Lo Duca appears out as the Mets' catcher, likely to be replaced by a tandem of Ramon Castro and Yorvit Torrealba, major-league sources say.

The Mets are expected to re-sign Castro on Wednesday, probably to a two-year deal. They also are pursuing Torrealba, another free agent, but not to be a 120-game starter....

The Mets' plan is a stunning repudiation of Lo Duca, a free agent who turns 35 in April. While some Mets pitchers liked throwing to Lo Duca, club officials were not as enamored with his game-calling and overall play.

Lo Duca's .311 on-base percentage last season was the lowest of his career as a regular. He also struggled with opposing base stealers, throwing out only 17 of 89.


Torrealba's agent says he will sign with the Mets.


Not so fast! Mets break off talks with free-agent catcher Torrealba (


Xeifrank said...

That's a great picture of Heart And Soul. Good luck to LoDuca in his future endeavours, maybe he can end his career in a few years as a backup for Russell Martin.
vr, Xei

Steve Sax said...

I don't get the red ass headline.

Orel said...

According to Mets lore, Billy Wagner nicknamed Paulie "Captain Red Ass" as a tribute to his fiery demeanor and fierce competitiveness.

Plus, it was an opportunity to use "ass" in a post title. Couldn't pass that up.