Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apparently the Guy in the Fat Suit Has an Attitude Problem

From Robothal:

The Marlins first showed heavy interest in [Matt] Kemp last spring, but at that time the Dodgers deemed him untouchable. It remains to be seen whether the availability of Cabrera — combined with questions about Kemp's attitude — will lead the Dodgers to alter their stance.

See the guy in the fat suit? The one playing along with this year's rookie hazing? "A potential 30-homer, 30-stolen base man," says Robothal, but also trade bait because of his "attitude."

Meanwhile, the San Jose Mercury News had this to say about the Dodgers' most tenured veteran, Jeff Kent:

[Rookie hazing] doesn't always work out well. Jeff Kent got a reputation as a spoilsport in the early 1990s when he didn't play along with the New York Mets' prank.

Kent is currently deciding whether the Dodgers should pay him $9 million next year.

I'm sick of hearing of supposed reasons why the Dodgers should get rid of Kemp. Of course he has flaws, but the Marlins want him because he's good, young and cheap.

Come to think of it, that's why we want him too.


Steve Sax said...

I think Colletti may be forgetting that, unlike Miguel Cabrera, that fat suit comes off of Kemp.

Orel said...

Seriously, if we trade for Cabrera:

(1) we should sign him to an extension and

(2) there should be a weight clause in his contract.

Orel said...

Or he should get a tummy tuck.

Steve Sax said...

But we gotta make Miggy wear the fat suit. Come on, now!

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

Miggy in the fat suit is like when Homer wore Krusty's baggy pants, and it fit him perfectly.