Thursday, November 22, 2007

Torii Hunter Off the Market

So much for the Dodgers' grand Torre! Torii! Tori! scheme. In a surprise move, the Angels snapped up Torii Hunter for $90 million over five years.

And the Angels' rookie GM, Tony Reagins, knows what to do with his garbage. From the article:

With [Vladimir] Guerrero in right and [Garret] Anderson in left, the move leaves no space in the starting outfield for [Gary] Matthews Jr. The Angels said the center fielder, who signed a $50 million, five-year deal as a free agent last offseason, could see time at designated hitter and spell the corner outfielders.

Of course, inheriting the bad Matthews contract (negotiated by Bill Stoneman) makes it easier for Reagins to essentially shelve that $50 million investment. But it's for the betterment of the team—something Ned Colletti will hopefully remember when deciding between his ego and the fate of Juan Pierre.


AP says $80 million.


Eric Karros said...

Well much like the race for Vlad four years ago, I guess if the Dodgers don't get him, might as well be the Angels. Definitely an upgrade over GMAT. I wonder if that somehow impacts the Dodgers' chances of "Torre! Miguel! Tori!".

Steve Sax said...

Somewhere, Ned Colletti sleeps.

Rhonda said...

Since all of you guys love the Angels so much, I suggest Steve you swap your season tickets to Angel season tickets and you all can rename your blog to Angel brothers of Mike Scioscia. That would make it perfect!