Monday, November 05, 2007

McCourt Wedges His Way Into Torre Spotlight

It was a gloomy day here in LA today--which gave Dodger owner Frank McCourt even more reason to try and hog the spotlight that should have rightfully been squarely placed on Joe Torre. In today's article, guess who was the only other person quoted in the piece? None other than Frank McCourt, who also does a pretty good job hogging the focus in the accompanying photo! (Ned Colletti, Vin Scully, and Brad Penny were also on hand for the Torre press conference, by the way--but apparently had no comments worthy of publication.)

"It has been far too long since Dodger fans have tasted the fruits of victory or Dodger players have raised a World Series trophy," Frank McCourt said. "We want to win, make no mistake about it, but we want to win the right way, with humility, pride and sportsmanship. Winning requires leadership and today we introduce a man who is a leader, a winner, no doubt a future Hall of Famer."

I am surprised that when McCourt referenced "tasting the fruits of victory," McCourt didn't take the opportunity to plug the Olmedo Saenz All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion (one of the McCourt era's few great ideas).

But I do wonder which attribute (humility, pride, and sportsmanship) is reflected in kicking Grady Little to the curb, then rolling his own chopper over him?

Ah, enough negativity, for now. Bring on Torre, and now bring on some real players!

photo: Matt Sayles/AP