Wednesday, October 31, 2007

With Joe Torre Comes What Extra Perk?

No, it's not (necessarily) Alex Rodriguez. Check out the tidbit buried in this morning's update on the ongoing saga, "Dodgers inching closer to Torre", from

LOS ANGELES -- Club officials say there still is no deal to announce, but all signs are pointing toward the imminent hiring of Joe Torre as manager of the Dodgers.

A Dodgers official said that no press conference has been scheduled, although there were indications that an announcement could come as soon as late Wednesday, with an introductory press conference on Thursday. According to reports, the Dodgers and Torre have in place a three-year deal, with estimates of the package ranging from $12 million to $14.5 million.

In addition, a source told that the club and Torre are also discussing Torre having a say in player pesonnel, which he did not have in his final years with the Yankees.


Still to be determined is the makeup of Torre's coaching staff, although there are indications that Don Mattingly will follow Torre as bench coach, and Larry Bowa also might come from the Yankees as third-base coach. Little's coaching staff was signed through the end of the 2007 season.

An end to watching Dodgers get thrown out at the plate on a regular basis, by replacing Rich Donnelly as the third-base coach? Sign Torre up, that's worth $12M alone!