Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Donnelly: Veterans Forced Little's Hand

From "Torre could step right into Little's shoes" by Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times (reg.):

Third base coach Rich Donnelly thought Little resigned as a result of what he endured over a trying season.

"He was beaten down," Donnelly said. "He said, 'I don't know if this is worth it because I'm miserable.' "

Donnelly said it pained Little to be forced to move down veteran players in the batting order or sit them.

"I don't think he wanted to," Donnelly said. "He was forced to because the guys weren't doing their jobs."

Donnelly said that the Dodgers' offensive shortcomings were such that at one point, he scribbled pitcher Brad Penny's name in the eighth slot in the lineup in an August game in Cincinnati. Little later decided against the idea.

So veterans disappointed Grady on the field, then he lost the clubhouse because of a rift between veterans and rookies. I don't know if Joe Torre is the answer, but I'm pretty sure signing more Shea Hillenbrand-types isn't.