Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dodgers Trivia Question #2: Where Is This Man?

In the long tradition of SoSG Trivia Questions comes entry #2:

This unnamed man claims to be the fourth owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he is more like an owner in absentia. Despite early-tenure hopes to bring the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise back to the glory of World Series titles, and promises to build upon the hopes of a 2006 post-season appearance, he simply vanished from the public eye from July 2007 onward.

In 2007, his second-half disappearance from media activity coincided perfectly with the Dodgers' collapse from first place to a fourth place position barely above breakeven. Not that this man's disappearance was unusual; earlier in the season, he pulled this "cut and run" maneuver after permanently snarling stadium traffic patterns, poisoning the ballpark experience for all attendees, once widespread public criticism began (and did not abate). Though he has not won any Rookie of the Year awards, he has instead left in his wake a team rife with dissension and a management lineup whose overall ineffectiveness and questionable decision-making rivalled...the first management lineup's ineffectiveness and questionable decision-making.

And this man is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, dodging all accountability.

By the way, his only second-half public appearance was to announce that he is raising ticket prices next year.

Where is this man? What is he afraid of? Perhaps the mob of angry citizens, robbed of the quality product they deserve? (Hey, we can still storm the castle with our torches. Which are already lit, by the way.)


scioscia hater said...

The Dodger Stadium experience must not have "poisoned" many. There were 3.8 million fans that attended. Is this how you show your loyalty by bashing everyone? If you do not like it, you can go back to George Steinbrenner again or there is always Scioscia and his haloized Angels.

Steve Sax said...

My loyalty to the Dodgers is not shown by having to pay $15 for parking each game, or for watching my season ticket prices get increased over 100% over three years, with only one post-season win to show for it.

What happened to the Dodgers this year down the stretch was an embarrassment. Any true Dodger fan worth his or her salt would be furious. Dodger fans deserve a quality team on the field, not an absent owner who takes the money and runs (if that's what we had wanted, we would have preferred to have had Fox as the owner).

Frank McCourt is an idiot.

I have more faith in Jamie, but she still has to deal with the idiot in the figurehead seat.

Rob said...

McCourt is the brand, the Dodgers are the defective, recalled product.

Steve Sax said...

McCourt has no brand value (at least, Frank and Drew McCourt; Jamie may actually be a salvagable brand, based on what I've heard--as soon as she ditches Frank.)