Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Exactly Is Dodger Blue?

What exactly is Dodger Blue? Conceptually it's what we bleed, certainly, but I'm talking about its place in the color spectrum. Is it the recently restored color of Dodger Stadium's outfield wall, which seems to have found a home on some RGB color charts?

Or is it Pantone 294, the darker blue on the Dodgers' uniforms and caps?

Or is it somewhere in between?


VJ said...

I think the outfield wall blue is more like the classic Brooklyn Dodgers cap blue, the one that looks like a UCLA Bruins cap, no?

Johnny Blanchard said...

Excellent question. I'll bet that Dodger Blue encompasses several hues on the ol' color wheel, which would reflect the many walks of life that Dodger fans come from.

And, if Brooklyn ever wore that color of hat, I know longer want to go back in time and live in 1945 to 1955 era Flatbush. That color's fine for the walls but not the hats or shirts.

Rob said...

The stylesheet seems to imply that it's #0f3e6f (see the mwBg style):

But there are several "Dodger Blue" colors out there.

Unknown said...

According to wikipedia DODGERBLUE is #1E90FF. Please check it yourself.

I have a question, who created DodgerBlue on the webcolor?

Unknown said...

I wondered when the hue of the Dodgers hat changed too. I prefer the lighter shade of blue that I have from the American Needle "Brooklyn" hat (1939-1957) and the LA Dodger cap (1958) which has uses letter that aren't so thick/bold as the "LA" in that cap (also American Needle) as well as the lighter shade of blue. I guess I also don't care in general for the logos that are all now so prominently raised from the hats themselves. Sometimes you can't really see the white edge around the red "C" (e.g., the Cleveland Indians hat circa 1958-1962). I just think that subtlety is overdone. Finally, I think the high hat crown is less appealing that the mid-crown style. Some hats rest on one's head like a stovepipe top hat.