Thursday, October 11, 2007

Shut the F*ck Up

"Here's to alcohol : The cause of ... and answer to all of life's problems." - Homer Simpson Months after Kobe Bryant demanded a trade, Lakers owner Jerry Buss openly talked about the possibility of dealing his star player this past offseason or even before February's trade deadline. "I would certainly listen," Buss told Lakers beat writers on Wednesday. "At any time, I think you have to do that with anybody. It's just part of the game, to listen to somebody who has a dissatisfied player that you think is going to fit. You can't keep too many loyalties. You've got to look at it as a business. He looks at it the same way I look at it." Hey Jerry, if Kobe's expected to be a professional and stop his yipping in the press...maybe you should do the same. If you stayed off the sauce, maybe Jerry West would still be running the show instead of your kid and we'd be fighting for championships instead of with ourselves.


Alex Cora said...

Hey it is hard to run an organization when you surround yourself with Mickey Rooney, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dog and Paula Abdul.